THANK YOU to all who joined us both in person and online for our national conference! We had a wonderful weekend celebrating the legacy of peace and gospel nonviolence.

Check out the resources from the conference available below.


Plenary sessions

WorkshopsWe are very grateful for those who offered to videotape the workshops. While the plenary sessions were recorded by a professional A/V company hired to handle the livestream and technology, the workshop videos were made possible by the service of volunteers. The workshop videos may not be professional quality but we hope you check them out. Please note, three of the workshops were not videotaped.

Other videos

Text from conference speeches

Conference photos

Resources from the conference

50th anniversary apparel, resources and promotional items

At the conference, Pax Christi USA rolled out new items and resources celebrating our 50th anniversary year. Find more information at this link.

Media coverage of our 50th anniversary

all info below was posted pre-conference…

Information for the 50th Anniversary National Conference in 2022

Onsite information during the weekend:

More conference info:

19 thoughts on “Pax Christi USA’s 50th Anniversary National Conference in 2022!

  1. Extremely excited and hoping to join you on this very special anniversary.
    My prayers and love are with you!

  2. The 50th! and still with the vitality and creativity of a 25 year old!
    Please– consider an online option. Some of us are just not as road worthy as we once were. Some of us – need more time outs than programs can allow. Some of us have food and diet restriction that don’t travel well. Some of us travel like your beloved cocker spaniel who needs to circle a dozen time before finally settling down on the back seat. Even if it is thru after the fact records – it would be such a blessing.

  3. Is the conference schedule available yet? What is scheduled for Friday the 5th? We are traveling a distance and knowing that makes a difference for us. Even if you don’t yet have confirmed session content can you send the times. Thanks.

  4. My prayers for the 2-4pm witness at the Pentagon on Sunday. May the Spirit of Bread Not Stones prevail at the witness! We are in dangerous times with tensions between Russia and Ukraine, and, Between Mainland China and Tiawan. Abolish nuclear weapons before they are used. Pray for Peace!! Pax Christi USA New Orleans

  5. Great conference from liturgy to keynote to awardees to networking !!! Thanks to leadership and all who attended. Fr chris ponnet Los Angeles’s chapter and Pax Christi So Cal leadership

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