From the newly-launched Peace Pairs program to the June 2022 Pax Christi Young Adult Caucus (PCYAC) retreat in Washington DC, the celebrations of Pax Christi USA’s 50th year brought an inter-generational lens to relationships and movement-building for peace with justice. Our 50th anniversary prayer was even inspired by Dialogue Between Generations, Education and Work: Tools for Building Lasting Peace, the 2022 World Day of Peace message from Pope Francis.

It is within this same spirit of that we now share our Inter-generational Teacher of Peace interview series, organized by 50th anniversary committee members Isaac Chandler and Ryan Di Corpo.

  • Marie Dennis, Pax Christi USA’s 2022 Teacher of Peace

  • Fr. Bryan Massingale, Pax Christi USA’s 2021 Teacher of Peace

  • Art Laffin, Pax Christi USA’s 2016 Teacher of Peace

  • Colleen Kelly, Pax Christi USA’s 2011 Teacher of Peace

  • Jim Albertini, Pax Christi USA’s 2010 Teacher of Peace

  • Bill Quigley, Pax Christi USA’s 2003 Teacher of Peace

  • Fr. Peter Dougherty, Pax Christi USA’s 2002 Teacher of Peace

  • Frida Berrigan, daughter of Pax Christi USA’s 2001 Teachers of Peace Liz McAlister and Phil Berrigan

  • Martin Sheen, Pax Christi USA’s 1999 Teacher of Peace

  • Kathy Kelly, Pax Christi USA’s 1998 Teacher of Peace

  • Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ, Pax Christi USA’s 1996 Teacher of Peace

  • Jim and Shelley Douglass, Pax Christi USA’s 1994 Teachers of Peace

  • Bishop Tom Gumbleton, Pax Christi USA’s 1991 Teacher of Peace

  • Sr. Joan Chittister, OSB, Pax Christi USA’s 1990 Teacher of Peace