Pax Christi regional gathering

A Pax Christi USA Region consists of six or more Pax Christi USA registered local groups or 200 registered Pax Christi USA members in a specific geographic area. Regions organize at least one regional event per year and communicate on a regular basis with the Pax Christi USA local groups and individual members. They are a vital part of Pax Christi USA’s identity as a grassroots’ movement. Regions develop opportunities within the region, mobilize support for Pax Christi USA initiatives, and provide community support for members.

Regional status requires the selection of a regional leadership team through a process involving all Pax Christi USA members within the region; this team is expected to be representative of the region’s local groups and to meet regularly (generally 2-4 times/year) to organize and strategize.

Our Regions

If you’re interested in getting in touch with regional leadership, give us a call or email us at the national office,  202 635 2741 or

South California
North California
DC/MD/North Virginia
New Orleans
New Jersey
Metro New York
Western New York
Maryknoll, New York
Richmond, VA
Washington State
Atlanta, Georgia