Pax Christi USA is excited to participate in the new campaign from Pax Christi International, “The Double Threat of Nuclear Weapons and Climate Change”, which addresses the question: What do nukes have to do with climate change?

From the Pax Christi International campaign page:

Nuclear weapons and climate change are two of the greatest threats facing the world. With nearly 14,000 nuclear weapons, nine nuclear-armed states possess the capacity to destroy humanity and devastate the environment through war. Climate change threatens all life and responding to it involves shifting priorities and resources away from militaries and war, toward just and sustainable peace.

In anticipation of the October 31-November 12 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), Pax Christi International has prepared a series of infographics and short videos highlighting the relationship between the threat of nuclear weapons and the threat of climate change. Pax Christi USA will be posting and sharing the infographics and video throughout the COP26 dates on our website and social media platforms. We invite you to share them and highlight the important points connecting nuclear weapons and climate change. Also look for a special PSA from the Pax Christi USA Nuclear Disarmament Working Group coming in the next few days!

Click here to see all of the graphics and videos on the Pax Christi International site.

OCTOBER 29: What do nuclear weapons have to do with climate change? Let’s talk about COOPERATION.


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  1. Thank you for the opportunity to view the graphics and videos. I look forward to these providing myself and others with direction and hope, not only during COP26 but in the ensuing time ahead. Peace.

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