For new groups, we provide an “organizing toolkit” to help get you started. Below are the resources for starting a new group. To order a hard-copy toolkit, please contact our office, 202 635 2741.

How to Start a Local Pax Christi Community Brochure

Pax Christi USA Informational Brochure – English

Pax Christi USA Informational Brochure – Spanish

Gathered in Peace: Sessions on Forming Pax Christi Communities

Pax Christi USA Logo

The Barbed Wire & The Rose – Logo Explanation

The Four Initiatives

Litany for Enemies

Vow of Nonviolence

Peace Current

5 thoughts on “Organizing Toolkit for New Local Groups

  1. I really want to start a group here in the Las Vegas area, but only if I can donate as much time that is needed. What is a realistic time I should be able to commit to?

  2. I went to Pax Christi Church in Eden Prairie, MN. It resonated with me tremendously. However I live in Kansas City. I am trying to find locations of other Pax Christi churches in my area but I’m having trouble finding this information online. Can you help me?

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