Pax Christi USA’s local communities include local groups, high school chapters, college chapters, parishes, religious communities, Catholic Worker communities, and others who gather together to pray, study and act. Our local communities are well-equipped for cultural critique, political resistance, and mutual support aimed at effecting concrete social change and witnessing to the nonviolent reign of God.

Contact the national office for inquiries or to register your local group at

New groups can download these free resources for organizing:

5 thoughts on “Local Groups

  1. I really want to start a group here in the Las Vegas area, but only if I can donate as much time that is needed. What is a realistic time I should be able to commit to?

  2. I went to Pax Christi Church in Eden Prairie, MN. It resonated with me tremendously. However I live in Kansas City. I am trying to find locations of other Pax Christi churches in my area but I’m having trouble finding this information online. Can you help me?

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