“On my knees I beg you to turn away from the paths of violence. . . .I say to you, with all the love I have for you, with all the trust I have in young people: do not listen to voices which speak the language of hatred, revenge, retaliation. Do not follow any leaders who train you in the way of inflicting death. . . .Give yourself to the service of life, not the work of death. Violence is the enemy of justice. Only peace can lead the way to true justice.” ~Pope John Paul II, September 29, 1979

For two thousand years, some people who identify themselves as Christians have refused to participate in war and the taking of other human lives. They have given themselves to the service of life, not the work of death. Today, people of the Christian faith as well as many other belief systems continue this tradition. They are often called conscientious objectors: those who hold sincere convictions, motivated by conscience, which forbid their participation in war.



5 thoughts on “Conscientious Objection

  1. What about the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund that will be reintroduced by Representative John Lewis? Wouldn’t if be great if we could pay taxes without such a heavy heart.

  2. Thanks to the parish priest from NY state (?) whose action to not collect $$ for the archdiocese of the US military was reported in NCR today (11/8/13), which then led us to the 2 websites of CAM and Pax Christi. Thank you! (I hope to use some of your resources when they pass the collection basket this weekend! Beti (And I hope to share these with our bishop here in CA.)

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