We sign on to letters that support issues and policies that create peace with justice. We lend our voice as an organization to amplify the messages being sent to government leaders to influence policy that promotes justice and peace.

Recent sign-ons:

6-29-20: Sign On for Sanders and Lee Amendments

6-22-20: Over 100 U.S. Organizations Urge Biden to Support Equality for Palestinians

6-10-20: Faith Statement on NDAA Priorities

6-8-20: Faith Leaders Call on Congress to Enact Policing Reforms and Address the Racial Income and Wealth Gap

6-8-20: Letter to House, Senate leadership on pandemic-related aid to Latin America, Caribbean

6-1-20: Coalition Letter to House and Senate Leadership on Federal Policing Priorities

5-27-20: Indefinite Suspension of Protections for Asylum Seekers and Unaccompanied Children Under May 19, 2020 Order by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

5-20-20: Statement of Solidarity: A Catholic Response to COVID-19 Behind Bars

5-18-20: Pocan/Lee Letter to Stop Defense Spending Increases During the Pandemic

5-13-20: Calling for an End to Human Rights Abuses and Accountability for COVID-19 Response in Myanmar

5-12-20: Health Care Priorities for 4th Major COVID-19 Package 


5-11-20: More than 50 national organizations from progressive, anti-war, and faith communities urge presumptive democratic nominee Joe Biden and President Trump to adopt a more principled foreign policy 

5-6-20: Humanitarian and civil society groups call on Congress to include North Korea aid exemptions in next COVID relief package

5-5-20: Congress urged to address needs of minorities in new pandemic relief bill

5-4-2020: COVID-19 Jubilee White House, IMF, G20 Letter

4-30-20: Governor DeSantis: Protect Florida farmworkers during the COVID-19 crisis!

4-30-20: Defund WHINSEC Letter to Defense Appropriations

4-29-20: Support Nuclear Frontline Communities in COVID-19 Economic Relief Funding

4-28-20: Catholics for a Just and Sustainable Recovery

4-27-20: Joint Statement: U.S. organizations react to global military spending report

4-24-20: Over 400 organizations call on Congress to prioritize families’ health in next COVID-19 relief package

4-24-20: Over 70 civil society groups urge Trump to end Iran sanctions

4-23-20: Sign-on letter: Paycheck Recovery Act

4-22-20: Joined 60 + organizations telling Congress not to give more pandemic funding to the Pentagon

4-22-20: Tell the Trump administration not to cut wages of hundreds of thousands of farm workers

4-20-20: Support Our Immigrant, Refugee, And Asylum Seeking Neighbors During COVID-19 Crisis

4-17-20: Faithful Democracy COVID 19 Sign On

4-16-20: An Open United Against Nuclear War Letter on COVID-19 

4-15-20: Migrant Protection during COVID-19

4-8-20: U.S. deportations during global pandemic risk spreading COVID-19, returning
migrants and asylum seekers to danger and instability

4-7-2020: Rep. Omar Introduces Bill and Leads Letter to Expand COVID-19 Economic Assistance to Mixed Status Filers

4-7-20: Congress Must Reject Department of Defense Efforts to Shroud Its Budget Proposals In Secrecy

4-6-20: An open letter on national priorities in the face of a pandemic

4-3-20: Protect Incaracerated People and their Families during the COVID-19

3-31-20: Anti-Nuclear Weapons Testimony 

3-28-20: Palestinian Christian Alliance for Peace Gaza Statement  

3-27-20: IMF: Protect Vulnerable, Prevent Financial Crisis as Covid-19 Spreads

3-27-20: Calling on Trump to Lift Sanctions during COVID-19

3-26-20: Catholic Organizations Urge Catholic Communities to Complete the 2020 Census

3-26-20: Rebuking a Potential COVID Easter Massacre

3-26-20: Investor Statement on Coronavirus Response

3-26-20: Close Immigration Courts during COVID-19

3-25-20: Ensuring a Faithful Census

3-23-20: Emergency Request for Increased Lifeline Support during the COVID-19 Crisis

3-21-20: Include People with Disabilities in COVID-19 Relief! 

3-20-20: 40+ Organizations Urge Trump to Ease Iran Sanctions to Combat Coronavirus

3-20-20: Emergency Lifeline during COVID-19 

3-20-20: No Merit-Based Immigration System

3-16-20: Faith Community Letter on COVID-19

3-11-20: NO BAN Act to end harmful refugee, Muslim, and asylum bans

2-20-20: Prevent Cuts in Foreign Assistance

2-5-20: Protect Children

1-25-20: No War with Iran

1-13-20: Stephen Miller Must Resign

1-3-20: Joint Statement on Iran

12-9-19: Prioritize People over Pentagon

12-6-19: Jubilee Corporate Transparency Sign-on Letter

11-20-19: Endorsement of the Refugee Protection Act

11-19-19: Support of H.R. 2407, Promoting Human Rights for Palestinian Children Living Under Israeli Military Occupation

11-12-19: Prioritize Funding Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

10-27-19: Move the Nuclear Weapons Money

10-25-19: Faith Democracy 2020: Restoring the Voters Covenant

10-24-19: Need NAFTA to Protect Health and Dignity of Humanity and the Planet

10-15-19: Protect the Voting Rights Act

10-5-19: Amicus Brief to the Supreme Court in support of DACA

10-1-19: World Migrants and Refugees Day

8-13-19: Opposition to Administration’s Asylum Ban

8-8-19: Pastoral Letter on the El Paso Shootings

8-8-19: Interfaith Letter on Refugee Arrivals

7-1-19: Iran Statement

6-30-19: Kings bay Plowshares Petition

6-17-19: Refugee Resettlement & Religious Freedom

6-6-19: World Refugee Day 2019 Resolution

5-24-19: Opposition to Lethal Autonomous Weapons

5-13-19: Outlaw Weapons of War

5-8-19: No Additional Funding for Border Detention and Militarization

5-7-19: Support for the Background Check Expansion Act, S.42

5-1-19: Faith Communities Concerned about Nuclear Weapons

4-22-19: Over 650 faith based organizations and leaders decry DHS’ harmful Remain in Mexico policy, request immediate termination

4-5-19: Dismiss Charges Against Anti-Nuclear Plowshares Activists Facing 25 Years

4-4-19: Tell Congress: Ban CIA drone strikes now!

4-3-19: Interfaith Support for the No Ban Act

4-1-19: Oppose DHS “Remain in Mexico” Policy

3-28-19: Support Palestinian Aid

3-25-19: Need Domestic Human Needs Covered in Budget

3-21-19: Urge US to Invite UN Special Rapporteur on Racism to US

3-15-19: Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act

3-5-19: Faith Organizations Urge Passage of The Raise the Wage Act of 2019 

3-1-19: Protect Liberian Refugees

2-21-19: Barmen Contemporary Contemplative Declaration

2-19-19: Against CIA Drone Strikes

2-15-19: Support NGO Humanitarian Aid to Migrants & Refugees

2-15-19: No Border Wall

2-6-19: For the People Act

2-5-19: Faithful Budget Spending

1-31-19: NAFTA Should Promote Healthy Communities and Economies

1-30-19: Raise the Wage Act of 2019

1-28-19: Senate Resolution to Support the Refugee Resettlement

1-22-19: Catholic Coalition: Congress Must Face Moral Crisis

1-17-19: Faith Leaders Join Together to Decry the Government Shutdown

1-8-19: Petition Opposing Asylum Ban

12-6-18: UN Must Investigate Human Rights Violations at the Border

11-28-18: Asylum Seekers and Budget Shutdown, Faith Leader Sign-on

11-27-18: SAVE for All Campaign

11-26-18: Restore Humanitarian Access to North Korea

11-19-18: Citizenship for Dreamers and TPS Recipients

11-15-18: Opposition to Increased Funding for Detention, Deportation, and Border Militarization

10-29-18: Support for Migrant Caravan

10-16-18: Letter to the UN for Disarming Nuclear Weapons

9-14-18: Opposition to Expanding Family Detention

9-12-18: HR 4391 in Support of Palestinian Children

9-7-18: Support SNAP

9-7-18: Letter to Jeff Sessions to Support Asylum Seekers

6-18-18: End Separation of Families

6-13-18: Re-designation of Temporary Protected Status for Yemen

6-12-18: Support for HR 3923 – Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act

5-30-18: Support for New UN Disarmament Initiative

5-19-18: Support for Palestine

5-16-18: Catholic Statement on Trump’s Repudiation of the Iran Deal

5-9-18: Temporary Protected Status for Hondurans

5-1-18: Opposing Gina Haspel as CIA Director

4-25-18: A Fair 2020 Census

4-25-18: Catholics Are Still In for Climate Change

4-24-18: Support Funding for Affordable Housing

4-23-18: Support Funding for Affordable and Quality Housing

4-19-18: Urge ICE to End the Detention of Pregnant Women

4-17-18: No Wall on the U.S./Mexican Border

4-16-18: Just Peace for Syria

4-12-18: Right of Refugees, Right to Demonstrate Peacefully, Right to Dignity

4-12-18: Extend Temporary Protected Status for Hondurans

4-12-18: Rights of Refugees

3-23-18: Robust Support for Refugee Resettlement

3-23-18: Militarization of Middle East

3-23-18: Stop Deportation of Felix Garcia

3-21-18: Expedite DACA Renewals

3-20-18: US Needs to Increase Number of Refugees Allowed

3-19-18: UN Must Resume Negotiations to Reduce Nuclear Arms

3-13-18: Organizationally sponsored: S. 2095 Assault Weapons Ban

3-7-18: Cut Funding for Immigration Detention, Deportion, and Border Militarization

2-12-18: Economic Ecological Way of the Cross

2-9-18: Support Immediate Solution for Dreamers

2-6-18: Continue Assistance to UNRWA

1-8-18: North Korea Olympic Truce

1-3-17: Concerned about North Korea Nuclear Tension

12-21-17: Halt Millennium’s Valley Lateral Pipeline

12-6-17: Take Nuclear Missiles off High Alert

11-28-17: Oppose Republican Tax Plan

11-16-17: Need for a Fundamental Change in Nuclear Policy

11-16-17: Rejection of the Agricultural Guestworker Act

11-10-17: Dear Mr. Trump, Reassert US Leadership on Addressing Climate Change

11-7-17: Letter of Support to Fr. James Martin

11-7-17: Pass the DREAM Act by the End of the Year

11-6-17: Tell Congress: Pass the Background Check Expansion Act

10-24-17: Decrease Pentagon Spending

10-23-17: End Yemen War

10-23-17: Support for Caribbean after Hurricanes

10-20-17: Cease Fossil Fuel Financing

10-11-17: Gun Control

9-25-17: Opposition to the Graham-Cassidy Bill

9-13-17: Interfaith Market Stabilization

9-13-17: Calling for a Faithful Budget

9-5-17: Myanmar Military Must Stop the Violence

8-24-17: Extend Temporary Protected Status

8-23-17: National Catholic Reporter Ad for Peace

8-23-17: Ministers March for Justice

8-23-17: Protect Religious & Cultural Minorities in Burma

7-27-17: We are With Dreamers

7-20-17: Voter Fraud

7-19-20: Tribal Access to the Crime Victims Fund

7-7-17: Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty

6-30-17: No to Medicaid Cuts