Earlier this year and continuing up through the mid-term elections in November 2022, Pax Christi USA has reimagined a campaign that we launched back in 1999, Bread Not Stones, aimed at redirecting the obscene amount of money the U.S. invests in military spending to the challenges presented by the pandemic, the climate crisis, racial oppression, and economic injustice. Find the initial statement launching this campaign here.

Despite the end of the Cold War in the nineties, the U.S. has continued to operate out of the mentality that peace is assured through military might, the manufacturing of weapons, and investment in preparation for war. As we celebrate our 50th anniversary as a movement this year, we are drawing on the lessons of the past to address the issues of the present in order to create a better future. We draw inspiration from the original Bread Not Stones campaign of 1999-2000 in launching this one, Bread Not Stones 2022.


Join us in committing to these days of action for the Bread Not Stones campaign, September 19-25. Sign-up here to receive more information. (NOTE: If you already signed on when we issued the statement in the spring, no need to sign on again.) More materials will be made available to help you organize in the coming weeks around these three components of the campaign:

  • Legislative visits September 19-23
  • Day of public action, September 24
  • Parish outreach, September 25