This year, since it is our 50th anniversary, we will be naming 20 new Ambassadors of Peace at the 50th anniversary national conference in August. We currently have named 30 Ambassadors throughout our history; naming 20 this year will bring our total number up to 50 in honor of our 50th anniversary. (You can see our current list of Ambassadors of Peace at this link.)

The National Council will be choosing these Ambassadors in April and we are asking the Pax Christi USA membership to help lift up names for consideration.

Being designated an Ambassador of Peace is not an “award” like our yearly Teacher of Peace Award. It is an official designation of extraordinary and experienced leaders within the Pax Christi USA community who serve as living embodiments to our community and beyond of what it means to live a life rooted in the “peace of Christ”. They are chosen for the contributions they have made in preaching, teaching and practicing gospel nonviolence, peacemaking, anti-racism, reconciliation and justice. Ambassadors are commissioned to represent our movement through ongoing outreach efforts. They promote the mission of Pax Christi USA through word and witness, sharing our programs and campaigns with new audiences, serving as our representatives in coalitions, and generally carrying the message of Pax Christi USA wherever they go.

Ambassadors come from within our community and movement. We are wanting to lift up people who identify as part of our community. Such people do not need to be widely known in our community; Ambassadors are those who carry our charism within them whether in ways public or behind the scenes, in witnesses both pronounced and quiet.

Anyone you put forward at this time should be someone who is living. This is a “working” designation, and we want folks who are in a position to be our “ambassadors” to the church and the world. Deadline to nominate is March 31, 2022.

Click here to nominate someone to be considered by the Pax Christi USA National Council to choose as an Ambassador of Peace in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Pax Christi USA.

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