Free resources to help you and your community work for peace with justice.

Start a Local Chapter

An organizing toolkit to begin a Pax Christi USA group near you.

Pax Christi USA Brochure

Available in English and Spanish

The Peace Current

Newsletter and resource mailed to all dues-paying Pax Christi USA members.

Antiracism Resources

A good place to start with educating yourself about interracial justice in the United States.

Conscientious Objection

The Catholic Church’s teaching on conscientious objection as well as support for prospective conscientious objectors.

Protection from ICE Raids

This is a stark, fearful time for those of us who are undocumented. This is how you can protect yourself and people in your community from Immigration & Customs Enforcement.

Reality of Nuclear War

According to this scientific research, using less than one percent of the world’s nuclear arsenal will result in not only the immediate death of millions, but a decades-long nuclear winter for the billions of survivors.

Vow of Nonviolence

Take this yearly vow to spiritually renew your commitment to nonviolence.