Vision Statement

Who We Are

Grounded in the Gospel and Catholic social teaching, Pax Christi USA is a membership organization that rejects war, preparation for war, every form of violence and domination, and personal and systemic racism. As a section of Pax Christi International, we are members of the international Catholic peace and justice movement that seeks to model the peace of Christ in our witness to the mandate of the nonviolence of the Cross.

What We Do
  • Guided by the spirituality of nonviolence, we advocate and provide leadership for disarmament, demilitarization and reconciliation with justice, inclusiveness, economic and interracial justice, human rights and care of creation.
  • We strive through prayer, study and action to be attentive to the intersectionality of the key issues stated above and, in our response, to be conscious of their impact on the world community.
  • We work to align our organizational structures, policies, and practices with our intent to be an anti-racist, multicultural Catholic movement for peace with justice.

Historically, Pax Christi USA’s work has been articulated under four broad priority areas.

Our Vision

A more peaceful, just and sustainable world through the efforts of our members and in collaboration with other groups.

Vision Statement affirmed December 2014 by the Pax Christi USA National Council. To learn more about the process behind the revision, click here.

Our Commitment to Being an Anti-racist, Multicultural
Catholic Peace & Justice Movement

In 1999, Pax Christi USA began a 20-year initiative, “Brothers and Sisters All,” to transform Pax Christi USA into an anti-racist, multicultural Catholic peace and justice movement. Pax Christi USA seeks to embrace this new identity and do all its work from an anti-racist perspective, in the conviction that personal and systemic racism continues to perpetrate deep spiritual and social brokenness and endangers all of creation.

Pax Christi USA is committed to establishing strong, honest, caring relationships—both personal and institutional—across racial lines in order that together, with the whole Body of Christ, we can transform structures and cultures of violence and domination. To accomplish this transformation, Pax Christi USA is committed to transforming its organizational structures, policies, practices, and forms of decision-making to include participation of, and accountability to, people of color. To learn more about our anti-racism commitment, click here.