“Advancing Nonviolence study circles” to start this month and continue through Lent to the end of April!

Pax Christi USA will be launching study circles on nonviolence using the new book from the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative, Advancing Nonviolence and Just Peace in the Church and the World, beginning in February 2021 and continuing through the end of April. We have partnered with the Winchester Book Gallery in Virginia, a locally-owned, independent book store, for online orders of the book at a discount to people participating in the Advancing Nonviolence study circles.

To register for the Advancing Nonviolence study circles, read more below…

The Advancing Nonviolence study circles are aimed at deepening the Catholic understanding of and commitment to Gospel nonviolence. This project grows out of our fundamental belief that nonviolence is critical to the life of the Catholic Church and the survival of our world, and that nonviolence is an essential component to transforming violence and injustice. Participation in these study circles will lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation for nonviolence as a constitutive element of our faith and the cultivation of practical and effective tools for building a just peace in our families, local communities, churches, cities and the world.

The Advancing Nonviolence study circle will be the first in an ongoing series we’re calling, “Love is Political: Literary Circles for Liberation”. A new circle will start using Olga Segura’s new book, Black Lives Matter and the Catholic Church, starting in May.


If you are interested in participating in the Advancing Nonviolence study circles, there are two primary avenues to register:

  1. If you would like to study the book with an already existing group, or form a group for study, you can register at this link. Pax Christi USA’s local groups, college and high school chapters, religious communities, parish groups and other grassroots groups are encouraged to take this option. Studying the book with your local Pax Christi USA community during the Lenten season is an excellent way to deepen your experience of Lent as well as strengthen the bonds of community. Click here to register your group. Groups can meet over Zoom or other video conferencing systems like Google Meet, etc., or, where possible, in person if it is safe and health safety protocols are in effect.
  2. If you do not have a group to study with, you can use this link to register as an individual. Beginning in early-March through to the end of April, Pax Christi USA will hold 6 sessions for people who are reading the book on their own to join with others on a Zoom call and participate in discussions with others from around the country in break-out rooms. Dates for these calls will be announced soon. Click here to register as an individual.

We have created a participant’s packet which includes a small group discussion guide with suggested questions for you to consider (whether studying in a group or for your own reflection), a timeline for reading, and a schedule of our community Zoom gatherings starting with the introductory session on March 3. 


Pax Christi International and its Catholic Nonviolence Initiative are pleased to announce the publication of Advancing Nonviolence and Just Peace in the Church and the World, the culmination of a three-year global conversation among church leaders, community organizers, activists, social scientists and theologians about how the Catholic Church might return to its Gospel nonviolence roots and transform the world.

The book shares the experiences of on-the-ground nonviolent interventions, explores the scriptural, theological and historical foundations of nonviolence, reviews the most current social science on how nonviolence has been effectively employed, and outlines a vision for how the Church might embrace active nonviolence into every aspect of its life.

Advancing Nonviolence and Just Peace is a biblical, theological, ethical, pastoral and strategic resource for anyone seeking to understand or expand Catholic thinking on nonviolence. It answers commonly asked questions about active nonviolence and Catholic social teaching, including:

  • Does nonviolence work to resolve conflict?
  • What did Jesus and the Bible say about nonviolence?
  • What has the Church taught about nonviolence?
  • Is nonviolence the same as pacifism? How are they different?

Advancing Nonviolence and Just Peace explores the foundations of Catholic thinking about nonviolence. It includes reviews of papal statements and church documents, a survey of the biblical teaching from the Hebrew Bible and Christian scriptures, a review of contemporary theological research on nonviolence, and dozens of recommendations for further discernment on how the Church might live into its Gospel nonviolence mandate. This is an essential resource for moving forward the dialogue on how the Church can lead, teach and respond to conflict in the world. Order today and consider adding an extra to share with your bishop or other church leaders.

Available now in English in paperback. Stay tuned for more information about an e-book in English and an e-book in Spanish.

When ordering, Pax Christi USA members can get a special 15% discount by using the code PCM15! Click here to order now.

7 thoughts on “Advancing Nonviolence study circles now starting!

    1. Hi, for groups who are studying together, they can arrange whatever schedule suits them. For individuals reading on their own, Pax Christi USA will schedule 4-6 sessions for people to come together for a presentation and discussion as they proceed through the book. The first online session will be the week of March 1 and subsequent sessions will take place every 2 weeks until the last week of April. More info will be posted later this week on exact dates…

  1. Rather than organizing my own group is previously indicated in my registration. may I just join an already organized group?

    1. Hi Joyce, we’re not matching people up with groups but when we do the Zoom sessions, individuals will get to join breakout rooms to discuss the book together with others who are reading.

  2. So if our group wants to study together we will not have access to Pax Christi USA ‘s discussion leaders?

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