The Peace Ribbon 2020 is a project that aims to spur the imagination of all that would be lost if we succumb again to the use of a nuclear weapon. Participants stand with the hibakusha whose very presence is a witness to the road we must never again take. We honor them and the memory of all who lost their lives 75 years ago and in the aftermath whenever we raise our voices to say “No! Never again!”

Pax Christi USA undertakes this project as our contribution to the ongoing effort begun by Justine Merritt and carried forth by The Ribbon International, a nongovernmental organization at the UN that seeks to keep alive Justine’s vision to protect life and achieve a world without nuclear weapons.

The project encourages participants to make a ribbon panel — either by cloth or on poster board — sewing, painting, drawing or writing to capture “what I cannot bear to think of as lost forever in a nuclear war.” Panels then can be displayed in our windows, on porch railings, at our community centers or places of worship as a way of commemorating this 75th anniversary and pledging to work for a world that will never know such destruction again.

Click here to find more information about The Peace Ribbon Vision Continues, a virtual event taking place on Saturday, August 8th at 12pm EDT.

Click here to find more resources on a special website we have set up for this project and to find out more information.