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The Pentagon continues to be a place of exploitation, oppression, and mass destruction. As we close the 50th Anniversary National Conference, participants and local members are invited to join Pax Christi USA for a prayer witness outside the Pentagon on Sunday, August 7, from approximately 2-4 pm. Conference participants will gather in the Crystal Ballroom at 2 pm and join in a procession to the vigil site. As peacemakers, we will join in prayerful action and give witness to the creative force of nonviolence. We will remember the victims of U.S. militarism, including those who were killed during the bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and hear voices from Latin America and Palestine. As our program closes, we will symbolically offer our peace cranes, which will be carrying messages of a more peaceful future.

The program is expected to last a maximum of one hour. We will be walking to the Pentagon which is a half a mile from our hotel. A shuttle van will be available to take a limited number of participants from the hotel to the event. We encourage local participants with cars to help transport people between the hotel and the witness site as you are able. Please consider weather conditions and come prepared with water, sunscreen, hats, and/or umbrellas.

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