As part of the inter-generational focus for the 50th anniversary of Pax Christi USA, Ryan Di Corpo and Isaac Chandler have organized a series of video interviews with past recipients of the annual Pax Christi USA Teacher of Peace award.

The second video is with Fr. Bryan Massingale, Pax Christi USA’s 2021 Teacher of Peace. Fr. Massingale is professor of theology and social ethics and a senior ethics fellow at Fordham University; prior to his appointment at Fordham, he taught at Marquette University. He writes and speaks extensively on the intersections of the Catholic Church, racial diversity, and the LGBTQ community. He speaks with Ryan Di Corpo about his engagement with Pax Christi, starting in 2003 when he spoke at the national conference. In the 20 years of his connection with Pax Christi, he has found joy in Pax Christi’s mission to live out one of the promises of Christ, the gift of peace, and he celebrates Pax Christi USA’s evolution in terms of being a multicultural, anti-racist, and LGBTQ-inclusive organization. He also talks about the challenge of pacifism in a broken world and the need for a serious conversation on how to respond to violent conflict.

One thought on “Video interview with Fr. Bryan Massingale, 2021 Pax Christi USA Teacher of Peace

  1. Fr. Massingale:
    Listening to your talk with Ryan convinced me you are sincere and as regards war, you are open to the truth. Although not mentioned by name, the war in Ukraine was palpable. This is where I need help from you. Given the historical documents promising the Russian Federation that NATO would never expand east ( a sort of Monroe Doctrine for Russia), and given that both NATO and president Zelensky chose to break this promise, how can we justify the sending of life-destroying weaponry in lieu of compromise? Nothing can convince me that the obscene killing that we are contributing to is justified when common sense dictates that 50 billion spent on diplomacy and compromise instead of guns could have prevented this war.
    David-Ross Gerling PhD

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