For Pax Christi USA’s 50th anniversary this year, a special prayer was composed to celebrate this jubilee by the 50th Anniversary Working Group. This prayer captures the legacy of our movement, lifts up the priorities at the heart of our mission, and dreams of a future shaped by people committed to nonviolence, peace and justice. Inspired by Pope Francis’ 2022 World Day of Peace message*, this prayer roots us in the witness of Jesus as the way of nonviolence and asks the blessing of our God, the Weaver of Peace.

The prayer is available below and as a prayer card. The prayer card is 3.5″ x 5.5″ inches, with action suggestions and available from the Pax Christi USA Store for a limited time in packages of 100 for $12.00. All members of Pax Christi USA will receive a complimentary prayer card in the Winter 2022 Newsletter mailing which was sent out last week.

>> Click here to order the prayer card.

We hope you’ll join us in making this prayer a regular part of your prayer and meditation during 2022 in celebration of Pax Christi USA’s 50th anniversary.

Prayer in honor of Pax Christi USA’s 50th Anniversary
inspired by the 2022 World Day of Peace Message of Pope Francis

God of Peace and Justice, 

As we journey through our 50th Anniversary Year, 

Make us weavers of your peace that will only come through justice, 
taking up the threads of peacemakers who have gone before,
adding our collective contributions with creativity,
and making space for future generations to join this tapestry.

Keep us firmly rooted in your love,
love that transcends time and space.

Guide us with clarity of vision
to study the past in order to learn from history
and heal wounds that still hurt us.  

Let us acknowledge your presence as we look to the future.
Nourish our enthusiasm,
Help our dreams emerge,
and enable hope to blossom. 

Together, we will learn from one another,
amplify prophetic voices, 
and weave the work of peace, justice, 
mercy, and love that transforms.

We ask all of this through our brother Jesus,
Way of Nonviolence,
Weaver of Peace.


* Dialogue Between Generations, Education and Work: Tools for Building Lasting Peace, the Message of Pope Francis for the 55th World Day of Peace

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