The Pledge to Protect Others during this Pandemic

Take the “Pledge to Protect Others”! On Sunday, May 17th, we initiated a new effort for our membership to undertake and share as a thoughtful, compassionate response for this next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more here.

To learn more about or to take the pledge, click here.

Read the May 19th press release here.


Coronavirus Pandemic Response


During this time of crisis, we’ll share items for prayer, study and action on this page. Below in the “Prayer” section, we have commissioned a new prayer from one of our National Council members, Michelle Sherman, that folks throughout the Pax Christi USA community can use to reflect daily during this pandemic with the knowledge that we are speaking the same words and lifting our voices together as one.

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A sampling of actions Pax Christi USA has partnered on or encouraged our membership to undertake…


For a full list of organizational actions we have taken, click here.



To see additional archived resources for prayer, study and action from throughout the pandemic, click here.