Pax Christi USA joined more than 50 other national organizations to urge presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden and President Trump to adopt a more principled foreign policy

flagsWASHINGTON, D.C. – On Monday, Pax Christi USA joined more than 50 national organizations representing millions of Americans in sending a letter to President Trump and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden calling for a more principled foreign policy that prioritizes diplomacy and multilateralism.

The letter, organized by Demand Progress, states, “U.S. foreign policy has been overly focused on confrontation with perceived adversaries and the global projection of U.S. military power. We believe that there is room to act aggressively to reform our foreign policy, with the support of the majority of the people of this country across the ideological spectrum.”

“The American people are demanding a fundamental shift in U.S. foreign policy,” said Yasmine Taeb, Senior Policy Counsel at Demand Progress. “We are tired of endless wars and a destructive agenda of rampant militarization. A failed post-9/11 agenda has resulted in global instability, countless lives lost, and widespread violations of human rights. By committing to prioritize serious diplomatic engagement and respecting congressional war powers, our leaders can end the forever wars and deliver an agenda more aligned with our values.”

“A just foreign policy begins with recognizing that our continuing investment in weapons and military solutions hasn’t resulted in the peace that our citizens and peoples all over the world desire,” stated Johnny Zokovitch, Executive Director of Pax Christi USA. “It’s time we start exploring real investment in solutions that tap the transformative power of nonviolence, that build relationships of trust that foster global cooperation, and which respect human rights while getting at the root causes of conflict like poverty and the climate crisis.”

The letter articulated calls to reduce the budget of the Pentagon, support a just resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, close Guantanamo, and more.

“This timely letter reflects the will of most Americans who demand peaceful resolutions to disputes abroad and greater resources devoted to pressing issues at home,” said Sina Toossi, Senior Research Analyst at National Iranian American Council Action. “The next administration would be wise to adopt these principles for an enlightened foreign policy that would restore U.S. leadership and foster vitally needed global cooperation to address the challenges of our time.”

The letter, and the full list of signers, can be accessed here.


Photo credit: Yes Magazine

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