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Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old Black man, was jogging near his neighborhood in Brunswick, GA on February 23 when he was chased down, shot, and killed in cold blood. 

justiceforahmaudHis executioners were father & son, Gregory and Travis McMichael, two white men, who told police they believed Ahmaud fit the profile of a suspect. But the truth is: Ahmaud’s murder was an act of hatred and white supremacy. 

Worst of all, the two DAs who recused themselves District Attorney Jackie Johnson and District Attorney George Barnhill further perpetuated the mismanagement of Ahmaud’s case. DA Johnson has a history of her judgment being called into question. In previous years, she’s shown through the mishandling of cases, her inability to fairly prosecute the officers she works with on a daily basis. And DA Barnhill even defended Ahmaud’s murderers by making the outrageous claim that Travis McMichael acted in self-defense and his actions fell within Georgia’s citizen arrest laws…

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  1. On this Mother’s Day my thoughts and prayers are with his mother. Wishing her love, peace and blessings at this sorrowful time .

  2. Will we ever get beyond the hatred and fear that cause racism? I pray God we can.

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