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Pax Christi USA deplores the three executive orders President Trump has recently signed. One is in favor of resurrecting the Dakota Access pipeline, another in favor of the Keystone XL pipeline, and another for advancing the deportation of immigrants and the construction of a wall on the US southern border. The common thread of these orders is the blatant disregard for the will of the people, care of the earth, and personhood and struggles of the migrant.

Our hearts are with the Standing Rock nation and all indigenous people who have worked so hard to protect the water and the land from the Dakota Access pipeline. The will of the people was heard when it came to changing the route of this pipeline just a few months ago, and now the people are being overlooked in the interest of corporate growth. We believe in people over profit. We believe in the care of the earth over the desire for oil. Mark Charles, a Navajo man and activist said, “No matter how much money you have. No matter how powerful you are. No matter what alternative facts you quote. The truth of the matter is – You CANNOT drink oil.” In the end, travesties against the earth will affect us all – even those who make much profit off pillaging the earth.

Our hearts are with our immigrant brothers and sisters living in fear of deportation and separation from their families. No one flees their countries of origin on a whim. We honor the multiplicity of reasons people migrate to the United States, many of which are poverty, gang violence, and terror. People are not the enemy, but that is the myth we are being told by President Trump. Building a wall is the visual symbol of these political lies. We do not believe this story, and we will not support this wall.

We need a country where people feel safe, welcomed, and know the only prerequisite for their rights is being human. All human beings, regardless of skin color or country of origin, should be able to rely on having safe water, a safe family, and a clean earth. President Trump’s executive orders set us on an immoral course we cannot endorse. Pax Christi USA is committed to the vision of justice that trumps hate and builds bridges instead of walls.

Peace of Christ,

Sr. Patricia Chappell
Executive Director

8 thoughts on “Pax Christi USA Deplores Trump’s Executive Orders

  1. Well said, Sr. The peoples of this planet and the Earth on which they live are in for a very bumpy ride. God help all of us, no exceptions.

  2. Our nonviolent Jesus bless everyone–no exceptions. Thank you, Sr. Patty, for having the voice of Pax Christi speaking to these critical issues, for our country, for our world. Peace and blessings of love and hope. Sr. Kay O’Neil PBVM

  3. Continued prayer and action we can do to save this planet that seems so fragile in this political climate. Asking congress to act on conscience instead of politics, please God!

  4. Now is the time to get busy and get to work to defeat these measures and others that are coming. sTAND UP!!!!!

  5. Hi, thanks for speaking out for all vulnerable people. Just a very small factual correction to the statement re Standing Rock. The Army Corps of Engineers (Pres. Obama?) did not order a re-route of the location; they order a more extensive Environmental Impact Study and it is this that the new Adm. will probably short-circuit and push through the current location. The new Governor of ND is meeting with Tribal Leadership and they are working to restore damaged relationships between the Native and non[Native peoples of our area. It is not yet clear what the remaining protesters will do if and when the Pipeline company receives the OK to actually begin digging. HEre in ND we are hoping and praying for a non-violent solution, but not so hopeful under the new “regime” in DC. thanks for your prayers and support

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