Like many of you, we watched the president’s speech following Iran’s response on 1/7 to the Soleimani assassination. Despite no immediate military response from the Trump Administration, it’s important we stay vigilant now and work to make sure the cycle of retaliation is over and a path to peace is charted. It is moments like this for which we, the national Catholic peace and justice movement, exist. Today, tomorrow, this week — acting RIGHT NOW matters. We have to have hope that war can be averted and we need to act on that hope. We hope that this Prayer-Study-Action resource will help you to do just that: pray, study and act to stop a war.

We’ve posted these resources and we will continue to add more in the days ahead. Whether as individuals, with your local Pax Christi groups, your religious community, church community or others, we hope you’ll find a way to project the “peace of Christ” in this moment in our nation’s history. We hope these resources will help you to do that in whatever way you are able.

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