Welcome to the Pax Christi USA 50th Anniversary Kickoff Event on the World Day of Peace!

During this 45-minute celebration and reflection, which was held January 1, 2022, we came together as Pax Christi USA with special guests (including our Honorary 50th Anniversary Committee, the National Council, members of the 50th Anniversary Working Group, and national staff). We reflected on the theme for our Jubilee year — Weaving Threads of Peace for 50 Years — and renewed our commitment with the Vow of Nonviolence, co-authored by founding member Eileen Egan and Pax Christi USA Ambassador of Peace John Dear, edited by Mary Lou Kownacki, osb, and published in the summer of 1985.

Alex Mikulich’s presentation includes work from his upcoming book, Unlearning White Supremacy: A Spirituality for Racial Liberation (June 2022) and references Diane J. Goodman’s Tapestry Model. We invite Pax Christi USA members to read Diane J. Goodman’s article and use it in their local groups this year.

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