So many of you recently participated in either the Advancing Nonviolence study circles, the special pre-conference event on nonviolence, or other opportunities with the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative that we’re excited to offer to our members and friends a special opportunity to buy Choosing Peace: The Catholic Church Returns to Gospel Nonviolence, edited by Marie Dennis, for just $12, more than 50% off the cover price ($25).

This extraordinary book draws from submissions to the historic conference co-hosted by Pax Christi International at the Vatican in 2016, which gathered over 80 peacemakers from around the world, and includes contributions by Lisa Sowle Cahill, Terrence J. Rynne, John Dear, Ken Butigan, Rose Marie Berger, Maria J. Stephan, and others. Published by Orbis Books and a first place award-winner from the Catholic Press Association’s Book Awards in 2019, we have a limited number of copies available and hope you’ll take advantage of buying copies for yourself or to share with your school library, family members, friends, pastor, director of religious education, bishop, or others!

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This award-winning book advances the conversation about the practice of nonviolence in a violent world, addressing Jesus and nonviolence, traditional Catholic teaching on nonviolence, and reflections on the future of Catholic teaching, and concludes with Pope Francis’s historic Message for World Peace Day in 2017. 

Marie Dennis was one of the editors of Advancing Nonviolence and one of our key guides in the Advancing Nonviolence study circles. A Pax Christi USA Ambassador of Peace, she is the author of many books, including St. Francis and the Foolishness of God and Oscar Romero: Reflections on His Life and Writings.

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