Hate begets hate. Violence begets violence.

The years of war and the recent tragedies in Syria are heartbreaking. The tortuous deaths caused by chemical weapons are another example of the depths of human depravity.

War and preparations for war accomplish nothing. The President’s decision to violate international law by this act of aggression, along with a lack of consultation from Congress, to launch missile attacks on Syria in retaliation for the use of chemical weapons, adds to the years of crushing hardship experienced by the Syrian people. The solution to war is not more war. Retaliation will not bring justice or peace but only perpetuates death and injustice.

The trauma of war creates short and long term consequences that are the deepest pain human beings can experience. The immediate horror of losing loved ones to the long-term consequences that destroy the bodies, spirits, and psyches of human beings are tragic for individuals and for society. The environmental impact of war is passed on for future generations.

Pope Francis said, “I appeal to the conscience of those with political responsibility both locally and internationally to cease this tragedy and bring relief to that dear population that for too long has been exhausted by war.”

Pax Christi USA believes that peace comes with justice. Voters with political responsibility have the great ability to influence situations and policies that create justice, and consequently, peace, and clearly, sending drones and missiles into Syria is a decision that promotes neither justice nor peace.


12 thoughts on “Statement: Bombing Syria Will Not Create Peace

  1. What can we presently do to end the suffering? We have prayed, rallyed, emailed, called, voted, all to no avail.
    We see the suffering and want to do something but do not know what that something is. At least the missiles did not target areas where there were many human losses. Little consolation to those who were lost however.

  2. Pax Christi erects a strong shield against violence by working to curtail the crippling social malaise behind the violence. When young men see a future for themselves, they’ll be less likely to sign up for war.

  3. 60 million dollars- a total waste! Should have given it to the refugees who Trump doesn’t want in our country. It has become a tragic world.

  4. Until we have a “Witness for Peace” Or “Internatonal Peace Teams” type of accompaniment I think the world will continue to allow and/or participate in the progressive destruction of Syrian society. Might not succeed, but don’t see any other viable solution short of an act of God, or Grace of God in a new form among us.

  5. A problem with any response this late in a civil war is it is too late. We need to look before the last step in the process and find a way to untangle years of atrocities. Sending cruise missiles against an air base is a futile act of violence. Its biggest tragedy probably is making Americans, with our faith in violence bringing good, feel complacent. I fear what this most shows is we need good education about war and its consequences to counter media sensationalism.

  6. Jesus said that some demons are only cast out by prayer and fasting…. In Holy Week that may be a fruitful road to take… Clearly with respect for each person’s desire and decision. Praying for God’s abiding and abundant mercy!

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