by Art Laffin

With opinion polls showing high disapproval of the U.S. war in Afghanistan and in the wake of the upcoming NATO summit in Chicago, President Barack Obama’s trip last week to Afghanistan was intended to demonstrate to the American people and its allies that the war in Afghanistan will soon end. Instead, Obama’s visit, in the dark of night, signaled a continuation of U.S. military involvement into the future and more tragedy for the Afghan people.

The nightmare of unspeakable suffering for the Afghan people caused by the war only seems to worsen with each passing day. On Friday, a mother and her five children were killed by U.S./NATO strikes in the Helmand province. And on Monday, it was reported that eight more civilians died from another U.S./NATO airstrike in the Badghis province.

This Friday marks two months since the massacre in Kandahar province of 17 civilians, including nine children. It was reported that three women and nine children were killed in their sleep, and some of the victims’ bodies were burned beyond recognition…

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3 thoughts on “AFGHANISTAN: Massacred innocents have names

  1. Good sound leadership is the only way to put an end to this madness.
    I’m not a republican, probably just left of center, but I would like to see Ron Paul as our next president. Write him in if you don’t see his name in the voting booth. I believe that he is our only hope in the upcoming election. He will stop the USA preemptive war machine, and close down our military bases all over the world. It’s killing us. We need a new mind set. A new way of thinking in the White House.

  2. I echo the post by Dennis. This should be “must” reading for those who come tonight to hear John Dear here in Hartford. Another occasion for the invitation to peace makers to “Come Forth, Lazarus!”

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