3 thoughts on “DRONES: Judge, jury, and executioner

  1. Drones are not the problem, only the mechanism. The problem is the willingness to engage in targeted killings. We all share the sin of these killings when we fail to oppose them. We are accepting our part in the murder of people in exchange for what those in power call “security.” We are a nation of fearful people, unwilling to do what is necessary to actually work for peace, which includes personal sacrifice, but are willing to allow murder, hoping to stave off the dark night, as long as it is done by others, out of sight, with no pictures to face us with the reality of the act. We exchange our souls for “security.”

  2. Where is the outrage in the pulpits of our churches ,if they can’t lead why is anybody in the pews.We need to protest PROTEST PROTEST AND FORGET CHURCH

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