2 thoughts on “REFLECTION: Bishops’ support for wars underpins collection for military archdiocese

  1. For those interested in supporting the work of a Catholic organization independent of the AMS that works regularly with conscientious objectors to war and ministers to those returned from combat struggling with anguish of the soul, heartfelt grief, guilt, shame, or moral confusion please be aware of the efforts of the Catholic Peace Fellowship. CPF Website: http://www.catholicpeacefellowship.org / CPF Social Media site: http://www.facebook.com/Catholic.Peace.Fellowship

  2. To deny anyone access to the sacraments is abhorrent. We bring communion to those in prison, those guilty of heinous crimes. It is not our armed forces members who are “wrong.” Look in the mirror. Very simply, if I fail to work for peaceful resolution of world problems (and there are myriads of ways of doing so, not the least of which is demanding such from our leaders) then I promote war and its consequences. The military exist to implement US foreign policy when that policy requires the threat or use of force. Change the policies, not the access to the sacraments.

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