Pax Christi USA joined thirty-nine other groups in signing onto a letter to the leadership of the defense appropriations subcommittees calling for a lower Pentagon budget for FY22 in light of the recent announcement that the U.S. will be withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.

“Estimates indicate that at least $20 billion and perhaps as much as $50 billion will be freed up by withdrawing troops from Afghanistan,” the groups write. “We are dismayed that the administration’s initial budget blueprint to Congress did not reflect a corresponding reduction in war funds, and instead included a gargantuan request of $753 billion for the Pentagon and affiliated spending.”

Read the full letter here and find additional commentary from signatories here.

One thought on “Pax Christi USA joins 39 groups in telling Congress that withdrawing from Afghanistan means cutting the Pentagon budget

  1. Thank you, Pax Christi leadership, for taking action to express beliefs. I am certain that signing the letter reflects the firm convictions of the membership and readership. As always, we must spread the word in our individual daily conversations and relationships. We must alert our elected representatives as to the need to reallocate the monies to compassionate and supportive causes. Pray for and in any strong, peaceful way support the people of Afghanistan in being able to realize security and stability in their society. Peace.

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