At Pax Christi USA, we believe the budget of the United States is an indicator of the country’s priorities. Right now, with over half of the discretionary federal budget allocated to the military instead of supporting people’s health, taking care of the environment, creating peace, and other initiatives that empower and uplift, our country is placing the priorities of the Pentagon over the people of the United States. We want to see this change. That’s why we’ve signed on to this letter to the 2020 presidential candidates.

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Download the PDF of this letter here

2 thoughts on “Pax Christi USA Signs on to Letter to 2020 Presidential Candidates That Supports People over the Pentagon

  1. This above letter is (I think) exemplary in its tone. Shunning anything hysterical in print, hewing as closely as possible to simple objective facts, an example is set which neither major party in these USA seems at all concerned to imitate. Perhaps it’s time for a minor party, the American Solidarity Party, to become major and all the others (particularly the 2 majors) who’re busy feeding the public with dubious quality material, fade into the background. Lord hear our prayers.

  2. Dear Johnny Zokovitch,
    This is a remarkable letter and I commend you for posting it.
    May I request that my organization, Twin Cities Nonviolent and my name be added to the list that stand for what is expressed and the opportunity to do so in future letters of this consequence,
    Many Thanks,
    Reverend Harry J Bury, PhD
    Twin Cities Nonviolent
    60 So Mississippi River Blvd
    St Paul, Minn., 55105

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