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“Marie Dennis truly embodies the Gandhi quote ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’ in the way she humbly lives out her life, expressed in each interaction with another, in the way she raised six incredibly beautiful children, in her courage to ‘speak truth to power’ with respect and grace, and in her daily spiritual practice which anchors her profound commitment to peace. Many of us already try to emulate Marie’s goodness and commitment to peace—so if she could be recognized with the Public Peace Prize, she would inspire many more.” – Jean Stokan, Director of the Social Justice Team, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

“Marie Dennis has shown a lifetime commitment to peace, worldwide peace.” – Freek Landmeter, PAX Netherlands

“Marie Dennis brings a spirituality to her approach to peacework that helps to connect people around the world – seeking to find common approaches to active nonviolence and peacemaking and to celebrate these.” – Pat Gaffney, Pax Christi UK

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to tell you that Marie Dennis, co-president of Pax Christi International, has been nominated for the 2016 Public Peace Prize. This prize is the only one in the world which is based on the public’s choices. The voting is open until 24 January, 2016.

To vote for Marie Dennis you have three possibilities:

Vote on the Public Peace Prize website: Visit the webpage presenting Marie (each visitor =1 vote) or leave an appreciative comment on the bottom of the page (each comment = 3 votes). See Marie’s nomination page by clicking here.

On Public Peace Prize’s Facebook page: If you are on Facebook, click “Like” below the posting presenting Marie. To increase the number of votes, click on the “share” button. See the post by clicking here.

On Public Peace Prize’s Twitter account: “Retweet” the tweets, if you are on Twitter, presenting Marie. See the tweet by clicking here.

“The mission of the Public Peace Prize is to foster greater recognition for peacemakers and peace initiatives around the world by the general public: on local, national and international levels.” To read more about the Public Peace Prize, click here.

19 thoughts on “NEWS: Marie Dennis, Co-President of Pax Christi International, nominated for the Public Peace Prize

  1. Marie Dennis is the model for anyone wanting to follow Christ by standing up for the vulnerable in this world and calling unjust systems to account.

  2. Marie Dennis is a deeply spiritual person who simply does what is needed to stand with those who need their voices heard. By example and her efforts, se leads us all in ways o make systems open and supportive to those in need.

  3. I fully support the exemplary work of Marie Dennis in advocating for world peace and social justice for all,especially the poor.

    Dr. Peter J. Stein

  4. I concur with all previous statements of support for Marie. Let me simply add a more personal note.
    Marie is Co-founder of the Assisi Community, where for 30 years lay and vowed women and men have lived a simple, prayerful life-style in the inner-city of Washington, DC. We also strive for social change in a variety of ways.
    I have observed Marie’s total dedication to our common life as she consistently does much more of her share among us. She is quite the heart and soul of the community which, thanks in no small part to her dedication. The community has welcomed roughly 100 members in these three decades and continues to thrive.
    Thus, Marie’s peacemaking efforts in public forums is complemented by her living situation. In a word, she “walks the walk” in every aspect of her life.
    Joseph Nangle OFM

  5. I am nominating Marie Dennis for The Public Peace Prize because she not only talks the talk, but she lives is! She lives in a community in DC and shares all that she has, because she realizes that to have peace we must have justice and care for one another. She has done great work with Pax Christi International, and after working so hard all these years, I think that she deserves the recognition. Ann Hunter

  6. Marie, in addition to her International Pax Christi position, has been a model of truly living and sharing peace with courage.

  7. Marie Dennis has lived her entire life for others always working for peace. I know of no-one else so uniquely qualified.

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