irannucleardealDiplomacy or war. That’s the choice facing Congress when it comes to the nuclear deal with Iran.

But unfortunately, too many members of Congress want to block this historic deal—and put on us on a path to another senseless war. President Obama is standing strong, and we need to make sure Congress stands with him.

That’s why on Wednesday, August 26, members of MoveOn, WinWithoutWar, Democracy for America, Credo, and many others will gather outside of Congressional offices across the country in support of diplomacy over war. It’s critical to show members of Congress that Americans support diplomacy with Iran, and that we conside a vote against the deal a vote for war. Host your own No War with Iran action or sign up for an event near you to join this historic day of action.

Host your own “No War with Iran” action or click here to sign up for an event near you.

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