from Jose Henriquez, Pax Christi International Secretary-General and Pax Christi UK

apartheid wallIsraeli authorities are undertaking new destruction in Palestinian communities in the Cremisan Valley and in Bedouin refugee communities near East Jerusalem. The reason? The continuation of the separation wall and more settlements! We have been posting news on our international website, but on behalf of Pax Christi UK, I want to share with you the materials below, asking you to invite your members to send messages to the Israeli embassy in your country. Advocacy for a just solution to the Palestine/Israel conflict has received special attention in our movement for many years and our World Assembly this year was an expression of this.

Thank you for your attention and for your local action. Let’s hope that common initiatives (the communities in Palestine are already demonstrating nonviolently) will stop this.


From Pax Christi UK

In recent days we have heard that bulldozers, supported by the Israeli military, have started to clear olive trees and enter private lands in the Cremisan valley. The law, passed in the spring, to prevent the building of the Separation Wall has been overturned… New legal challenges are being made, but meanwhile the destruction goes on.

Please see here the action/prayer ideas we have put together and do what you can:

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