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Pax Christi International is calling all parties involved in the violent conflict in the Central African Republic (CAR) – one of the 10 poorest countries in the world with a population close to 4.5 million people – to put an end to the suffering of the people and to restore human security and the Rule of Law throughout the country. The international community should provide all necessary humanitarian assistance and support political and religious leaders in their efforts of restoring peace and reconciliation.

Stop the violence

  1. The political crisis after the coup-d’état of March 2013 created on-going and horrific violence which has become a human catastrophe – it has been even called pre-genocidal – sowing death and terror. Thousands of people have been killed (over 1,000 in December alone).
  2. Amidst the terror, children have been recruited to fight and it is believed that the number of child soldiers has risen to about 6,000 – considering all sides. Engaging children in combat is unlawful and immoral. Child soldiers should be released and placed in the care of child protection actors.
  3. Pax Christi International acknowledges and encourages the appeal of CAR’s new president, Catherine Samba-Panza, to all parties involved to lay down their arms. Her election as president brings some hope to this situation.

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