jd“Jesus the Peacemaker,” a weekend retreat with John Dear, April 5-7, 2013, at the Kirkridge Retreat Center, near East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

Join longtime peace activist and author Rev. John Dear for a weekend retreat in the Poconos on the first weekend after Easter to reflect on Jesus as a peacemaker and practitioner and teacher of nonviolence, our own practice of peace and nonviolence, and how we can become better peacemakers and people of Gospel nonviolence. We will hear reflections on Jesus and the Gospel, and have time for prayer, silence, discussion, community building, worship and celebration. In particular, we will examine Jesus’ call to become peacemakers as the fulfillment of our vocations as the sons and daughters of the God of peace, as well as the story of Luke 10, when Jesus sends his disciples on the mission of peace and how he is sending us on that same mission today. We too will be sent forth to make peace, walk the road to peace, and live in his resurrection gift of peace. For information, visit: www.kirkridge.org

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