Here’s some photos from our gathering earlier tonight at the SOA with a short report posted below the slideshow…

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Pax Christi USA presented our 11th annual program at the SOA earlier tonight, entitled “Enduring Hope: 500 Years of Prophetic Resistance to Military Empire.” Nearly 250 Pax Christi USA members, friends, partners and others gathered to be inspired by Fr. Jim Barnett’s recreation of the first “resistance” sermon preached by Antonio Montesinos 500 years ago in the Americas, and moved by the witness and words of Honduran human rights activist Nelly de la Cid as she outlined the repression taking place in Honduras and how we can stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in that country. Jean Stokan and Scott Wright provided context for the evening, reminding us of the El Mozote massacre 30 years ago and encouraging us to take strength in the communal witness of all of us who gather this year at the SOA.

Pax Christi USA leaders Josie Chrosniak, HM, Jack McHale, Judith Kelly and Fr. Louie Arceneaux led us through the evening with stories and prayers, as Jon Fromer lent his gifts to our gathering once again, leading us in music throughout. Regional and local group leaders from all over the country were present, including members from groups in Rochester, NY; Memphis; Gainesville, FL; Milwaukee, WI; Phoenix, AZ; Indianapolis, IN; Chicago, IL; Washington, DC and numerous other cities. And we were blessed to have with us Pax Christi USA Ambassadors of Peace Bill and Mary Carry and Janice Vanderhaar, and PCUSA Teacher of Peace Bill Quigley.

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  1. It is not so much for Honduras we cry – rather we cry for america ….as its future seems dim 1War and more war coming …..and not for self-defense ……..but for greed and exploitation !
    Paz con Justicia …

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