Save Troy DavisTroy Davis is scheduled to be executed in Georgia on September 21st for a crime he may not have committed. His conviction was based on the testimony of witnesses–with seven of those nine witnesses now having changed or recanted their testimony.

Please take action now to stop this execution!

You can find a number of resources on these sites, including action steps:

Thanks so much for taking action!

9 thoughts on “DEATH PENALTY: Stop the execution of Troy Davis

  1. There is too much doubt concerning this man’s guilt. How horrific to know you have executed the wrong person. Do not kill this man knowing he may be innocent.

  2. We’re all fallible, please consider the witnesses new testimony.
    This would be another outrageous folly by the state.

  3. The death penalty should be a criminal act to any who call themselves “Christian”. Please commute this man’s death sentence and perhaps grant him a new trial.

  4. “beyond a reasonable doubt” is the backbone of the system of justice we claim to have in this country. How can there not be doubt when seven of the original nine witnesses have recanted their testimony and a jurist has said she would not have convicted him if she knew then what she knows now. This is why the death penalty is actually a system of “injustice”; if even one innocent person is put to death, then we are all guilty of this injustice. Please commute the sentence of Troy Davis.

  5. Please stop this execution now. There is so much doubt that only injustice would would be gained. Further investigation is needed to prove that Troy Anthony Davis is guilty; there is too much evidence to the contrary.

  6. Does everyone feel the same way about the 53,000,000 unborn babies
    murdered in the womb of the mother where there is no question of
    guilt?? “Jack” D.

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