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Pax Christi InternationalWe are God’s hands of solidarity. How Pax Christi member organisations in Latin America and the Caribbean live their Spirituality of Peace.

Since 2010, the Pax Christi International Secretariat has been moving forward with the establishment of a spiritual, ethical, and theological framework, which will guide the collective work of Member Organisations of the movement. This process has already started in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the first results have already begun to be perceived.

The Pax Christi International Coordination in Latin America and the Caribbean, motivated by this objective and the high commitment and sensitivity amongst peace actors, has organized a series of workshops (between August 2010 and April 2011) to explore and reflect on the experiences of the various social partners and community leaders in the region.  These events were an open process, which made it possible to show how the participants express and transmit their spirituality in the midst of violence and conflict in their lives and in their work.

The results and anecdotes of this fruitful and meaningful experience are available in Spanish, English and French in the document entitled “We are the Supportive Arm of God:  How Pax Christi Partner Organisations in Latin America and the Caribbean Live their Peace Spirituality”.

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