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“I am truly grateful that Pax Christi has put into words what I thought the moment I heard of the demise of Osama bin Laden…” ~posted last week as a comment under Pax Christi USA’s official statement on the death of bin Laden on our website

Last week, people of faith everywhere were searching for responses to the death of Osama bin Laden which articulated and supported their own deeply-held convictions about gospel nonviolence. And many of those who were searching for somewhere to turn found their way to Pax Christi USA. We posted articles which challenged the unabashed jubilation expressed by so many U.S. citizens, and we issued a major statement which called for “deep reflection”, questioning the cost to our nation over the past ten years and asking if this moment could provide us with the discernment to do things differently, to move past the mistaken policies of the past and into a new future committed to the things which make for peace…

It is just at these kinds of moments that we, as Pax Christi USA, excel. When the prophetic word must be spoken, when the truth must be told–this is when we bring to bear our commitment to the peace of Christ fostered through prayer, study and action.

But it takes resources to do this work and to do it well. We need your help to continue to do this work.

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