Click here to check out special resources for individuals and small groups featured this month in our online store. Items include The Nonviolent Moment: A Spirituality for the 21st Century by Mary Lou Kownacki; The Way of Peace: Exploring Nonviolence for the 21st Century by Shannon McManimon; resource packets on consumerism and the death penalty; and more…

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  1. Hi, My name is Chuck Spinner. I retired in 2002 after a 33 year career teaching high school U.S. History in the Cleveland, Ohio area. After five years of writing and organizing, I put together a book entitled A Book of Prayers: To the Heavens from the Stars. The book is a collection of the beautiful favorite prayers from 118 wonderful celebrities. The famous people include Oscar winners, Heisman trophy recipients, Olympic gold medal champions, four star generals, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, a monarch, and even three Miss Americas. The book attempts to show that celebrities are ordinary people who have achieved extraordinary accomplishments through the power and efficacy of prayer. Please go to for details, my bio, a sample section from the book, and ways in which the book may be purchased. It seems to me that it is the type of book that would be a perfect gift for Pax Christi members. God bless, Chuck Spinner

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