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Beginning September 1, Pax Christi International’s Catholic Nonviolence Initiative (CNI) will host a global conversation on nonviolence at the heart of the Gospel and at the core of the mission of the Catholic Church. 

As a contribution to the journey of the synodal Church, this dialogue will include voices from many regions of the world featured in a series of online roundtables sharing their experience of nonviolence in action, especially in contexts of acute violence.

By denouncing violence in its many forms, Pope Francis has shed light on nonviolent pathways to a more just and peaceful future. In what he has called the “third world war fought piecemeal,” a worldwide culture of violence is unleashing massive suffering in the lives of billions of people.

These roundtables will highlight ways that the Church and particular individuals and communities are challenging this violence in their local contexts with the strategies, spirituality, way of life, and wisdom tradition of Jesus’ nonviolence. They will also explore how the Church could more deeply foster nonviolent lives and a more nonviolent world, in support of the Synod on Synodality and the journey toward the Jubilee Year in 2025.

We hope you will join us in the coming weeks for Catholic Voices Confronting Violence with the Power of Active NonviolenceThe first roundtable on September 1, focused on Latin America and Caribbean, will be in Spanish only, but will be available soon on YouTube with translation possibilities.

  • Latin America-Caribbean (Español) – September 1 (10 AM Eastern / 7 AM Pacific)
  • Asia-Pacific (English) – September 11 (3 AM Eastern / midnight Pacific)
  • Africa (English and/et français) – September 19 (8 AM Eastern / 5 AM Pacific)
  • Migration in the Americas (English and/y español) – September 21 (11 AM Eastern / 8 AM Pacific)

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One thought on “Catholic voices confronting violence with the power of active nonviolence: A global series of roundtable webinars

  1. If non violence is at the core of Catholic teaching why aren’t bishops convinced ?
    I simply don’t hear messages to the pews condemning the murky war in Ukraine. Nor do I hear any objection to the supply of weapons by the US and its Allies to the Ukraine with the promise to stand with them whatever their goal, the taking of Crimea included. I hear the voice of Francis in a moral wilderness. A true Papal Saint.
    I recommend Pax Christ members view the five part PBS TV series , Once Upon a Time in Northern Ireland. So many lessons to be learned that could apply to any and all wars. I consider it a moral beacon with a ….. ending . The ending was a point of view changer for me and I dare not reveal it.

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