2 thoughts on “How an authoritative teaching on nonviolence from the Vatican could impact our work

  1. What a blessing and breath of fresh air to have people like Sr. Pegge Boehm, Bob Cooke, Cathy Crayton, Judith Kelly, Michelle Sherman, Jean Stokan, Cathy Woodson, and Scott Wright as public,
    unafraid commentators. Regarding Pope Francis, he’s clearly anti-war and is probably the only Western head of state who has not pilgrimaged to Kiev and knelt before President Zelensky. Nor has he adopted the trendy Russophobia of just about every other Western leader. However, do we hear coming from the Vatican and our North American bishops
    the same moral condemnation of our homegrown arms industry and its friends in the military and its overlords on Wall Street, along with President Biden and his Republican and Democratic cronies, that they proffer against the pornography and abortion industries? Don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen, especially with a military bishop leading the USCCB. What can one do? Vote for leaders no matter what party they’re in who would use the billions we send to Ukraine to help, for example, our neighbors in Haiti who are dyeing by the second, not to mention the children of the Horn of Africa.
    David-Ross Gerling, PhD

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