6 thoughts on “Statement on Nuclear Arms from Archbishop Paul D. Etienne

  1. Sincerely, thank you Archbishop Étienne for your letter that, if heeded, could very well save lives if not entire segments of our globe.
    Yes, President Putin has insinuated the use of nuclear. And, just to be honest, our own CIA cautioned President Biden about provoking Russia for that very same reason ( the US had promised Russia we would not extend NATO to their doorstep). Yet our own Catholic president arrogantly disregards what more prudent persons caution. Not only does he gamble with life and death but increases spending on nuclear. Biden more than Putin increasingly should trouble us.
    David-Ross Gerling,PhD

  2. The words of Archbishop Etienne highlight urgency, inspiration and action within the framework of Pray, Study, Act. These 3 steps are necessary to work toward guiding the planet in the direction of true respect for one another and care for Creation. Thank you Archbishop Etienne–we need to hear from more Church leaders and continue to contact our elected officials. Peace.

  3. I am very happy to see Pax Christi USA post Archbishop Etienne’s statement on the war in Ukraine and nuclear weapons. This statement went out to all the priests and deacons in the Archdiocese of Seattle. He listens; he makes decisions; and he acts. A good man.
    — Deacon Denny Duffell, Seattle

  4. A powerful, prophetic and inspiring statement! I also see in it the spirit of Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen, a great prophet for peace and disarmament, and PCUSA member. Presente!
    – Fred Thelen, Michigan

  5. The spirit of Archbishop Hunthausen is alive and well, thanks to Etienne’s courageous and prophetic statements. We here at the Casa Esther Catholic Worker House in Omro, WI, have been vigorously opposing nuclear weaponry and advocating the Non-Violence Peace Initiative. thanks Bishop Etienne.

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