Our friends at the National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT) have announced the official launch of their newest film, Torture in Our Name. They heartily thank everyone who helped make this project possible.

Written and directed by Matthew Gossage, this compelling 35-minute documentary for faith audiences showcases the tenacity and resilience of people who have faced the torture of solitary confinement first-hand and are working to end it once and for all. 

Watch Torture in Our Name on the NRCAT website and share with others!

The film traces the stories of state organizers in Louisiana, New Jersey, and New York where survivors of solitary confinement and their allies have mounted successful legislative campaigns in their respective states. New Jersey (2019) and New York (2021) were the first two states in the nation to legislate bans on long-term isolated confinement. 

Through poignant interviews with survivors whose stories have caused lawmakers to take notice, as well as faith community leaders who share their own journeys of finding their voice in the movement, Torture in Our Name will leave viewers inspired to get engaged. This film is an invitation for you to let your light shine and find your place in the movement. 

NRCAT has prepared a comprehensive discussion guide to assist you in preparing for a screening of the film and discussion in your community. After screening the film, invite members of your religious community to add their names to NRCAT’s new National Pledge: A Moral Call to End the Torture of Solitary Confinement that is also available in printable petition version at the end of the film’s discussion guide

Help us let others know about the film — use NRCAT’s promotions kit.

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