Earlier this month, the Pax Christi USA National Council held their first in-person meeting since January 2020, gathering together with members of the National Staff in St. Louis, MO at the Mercy Conference Center. One item of business included the National Council electing a new Executive Committee to serve in 2021-22. The new Executive Committee includes: Bishop John Stowe, OFM Conv, Bishop-President; Charlene Howard, National Council Chair; Madeline Labriola, Vice Chair; Fr. Fred Thelen, Treasurer; and Sr. Diane Smith, CSJ, Secretary.

“My goal as the incoming Chair of the Pax Christi National Council is to continue to provide effective support to the National Staff in achieving its mission,” stated Howard, the incoming National Council Chair. “It is my hope during this coming year to create more avenues for youth and young adults of color to see Pax Christi and its work as viable in their communities and therefore worth aligning with. Along with this, I want to work toward creating materials and opportunities that Pax Christi USA can use through its Prayer, Study and Action products/actions to bridge with the concerns of communities of color who currently are unaware of how our organization is in solidarity with them.”

Howard went on to say that she hoped to “encourage more Catholics to see that the mission of Pax Christi is the mission of the Church, as taught to us through Jesus, to uphold the dignity of all people, walk with the marginalized and bring about the peaceable kingdom.”

This meeting also included newly-elected and newly-appointed National Council members Ivone Guillen (WA), Jeff Sved (DC), Josephine Garnem (MD), and a representative from the Pax Christi Young Adult Caucus, Vickie Machado (FL).

For short bios on each of the council members, click here.

The National Council took up the business of reviewing the draft version of the 2022 General Plan, chose the site and date for the 2022 50th anniversary national conference, heard reports from members of the national staff, provided an orientation and overview of Pax Christi USA and the National Council for incoming members, and conducted a robust visioning session on our 50th anniversary year in 2022.

Pax Christi USA wishes to also offer a heartfelt thanks to all of the outgoing members of the previous National Council: Isaac Chandler, Linda Howell-Perrin, Brian Ashmankas, and Vicki Lott. This meeting served as the final meeting chaired by Chandler and the entire council and staff joined in thanking him for his leadership over the past year as chair and the previous six years as a member of the council.

2 thoughts on “Pax Christi USA National Council elects new Executive Committee, seats new members

  1. John, and all of you featured here! What a great work you have accomplished in gathering these wonderful people together from Pax Christi and organized them into this hopeful and fantastic team. It gives me hope and heart! Kathleen Kanet, RSHM
    PS Thanks too for your inviting website and mailings.

  2. Thank you to all the outgoing members of the National Council. God bless and guide the new members of the National Council. We are blessed to have those who can provide vision, direction and leadership to the functioning of Pax Christi! Peace.

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