On Thursday, July 29th at 7pm EDT, the Pax Christi USA Young Adult Caucus is hosting a special lead-in session to the 2021 National Conference. The Young Adult Caucus joins many who continue to grapple with questions about policing and militarism. As we continue discerning and searching for answers about the best way to move forward in creating the beloved community, individuals in their 20s and 30s are invited to gather and share in conversation about the breakthrough question: As people of faith, are we called to pursue abolition or reform? 

By analyzing the issue of militarized policing, attendees will share perspectives and hear from activists on:

  1. The current state of policing & how Catholics are called to respond;
  2. Police abolition vs. police reform;
  3. The role of lethal autonomous weapons & how they will particularly harm future generations, while also aiding police in further destruction.

The ultimate question sought to be addressed is: Can policing as we know it be reformed, or does it need to be abolished? Panelists will be Ngozi Ndulue, Pierre Thompson of Pax Christi Northern California, and John Noble of Pax Christi USA. 

The pre-conference session will be immediately followed by the Pax Christi USA Young Adult Caucus’ annual business meeting. All who are interested in staying on for an additional 30 minutes of creative visioning for the year ahead are welcome. To register for either/both of the PCYAC events on Thursday, July 29th, register here.

If you have any questions about the events, please email pcyac@paxchristiusa.org or lbailey@paxchristiusa.org

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