Media statement from Johnny Zokovitch, Executive Director of Pax Christi USA, in response to the events today at the U.S. Capitol during the counting of the Electoral College vote:

“Let us be clear. The events unfolding today at the U.S. Capitol are the result of the demagoguery of one man, President Trump, and the failure of all those – politicians, media, family, and more – who excused, overlooked, dismissed or otherwise encouraged the hateful and divisive rhetoric that have defined this president’s term in office. Those who could have and should have held this president accountable did just the opposite for the past four years – often with designs on advancing their own agendas – and today’s ugly, shameful incidents at the U.S. Capitol were the sad, predictable outcome of this abdication of responsibility.

“In the book of the prophet Hosea, God warns ‘When they sow the wind, they will reap the whirlwind.’ For those Members of Congress who have supported this president at every turn, the belated pleas for peace, appeals for respect, and admonitions against violence coming now when they feel themselves directly threatened ring hollow and empty. Maybe today’s events will serve as a moment of conversion for some; maybe this moment may serve to give pause to the worst impulses of our national character. Only time will tell. The words and actions of our elected leaders moving forward will tell the tale of what impact today’s events have.”

17 thoughts on “MEDIA STATEMENT: On today’s events at the U.S. Capitol

  1. Beautiful post. All too true. Reminds me of a Gerald Ford quip regards the R party, at a convention of theirs: “If Lincoln were alive today, he’d be spinning in his grave!” My father used to love to quote that quip. Our friends at The Lincoln Project know the deal. Content of character, not skin color, is what defines us as members of the human race. Godspeed Pax Christi.

  2. Thank you for your powerful and true words. And all of those in Congress who made fun of the President for scurrying into his bunker when the protests around the White House seemed to threaten him, not one of them stayed in the Congress today and refused to let the protesters in. When told to leave, they all did. Why not use article 25 and get rid of President Trump as unfit to serve? take care, Margaret A. Flanagan, Pax Christi Metro New York

  3. With true awareness, there is love of creation. This awareness contains the necessity of confronting wrongs anywhere in life. This can and should be done with compassion and strength. The 4-year ordeal of the current administration is almost over; the next 2 weeks should be lived with great caution. If strongly confronted by critics and allies of the president during the past 4 years, the harm done could have been minimized. Let us learn from this lapse and remain aware as we go on from here-with love, compassion, and strength. Peace!

  4. There can be NO PEACE unless there is Justice! Thank you Pax Christi, but let us not ignore that our Police and Security systems were NOT in PLACE. This is local and National problem. The Republican Party has disgraced themselves, but not this Nation. The Institution of the Catholic Church has disgraced themselves by saying nothing. America Magazine HAS DISGRACED itself, by who they have supported the last 4 years! BLACK LIVES MATTER! This is White Supremacy getting permission from their senators, congressmen, and President and the entire ADMINISTRATION that this is AMERICA. WOMEN WILL RISE

  5. It’s indeed stunning to watch aghast as irate hordes swarm inside Congress forcing isolated security guards to scramble and others to pull their weapons. It is a tragic statement on how our “experiment in democracy” is so imperiled – and how much remains to be done to forge a more perfect union. For now, let us strive to get through the next two weeks. And given the stakes, Mr. Trump’s removal via the 25th Amendment must be urgently considered.

  6. Thank you Johnny for again verbalizing what so many of us feel. Your words are strong and truthful.

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