Meta Peace Team (MPT) creates a nonviolent alternative to militarism and violence by providing the tools ordinary citizens need to engage in peacemaking. They have been deploying Unarmed Civilian Protection teams in conflict zones both domestically and internationally since 1994.

Currently, there are two opportunities to apply to international volunteer peace teams:

  1. MPT has been invited to place an international peace in the West Bank by Palestinians who are committed to nonviolence and striving for justice under occupation. Click here to learn more and apply.
  2. MPT has been invited to offer nonviolence trainings and provide a peaceful presence at the U.S./Mexico border, especially in Tijuana, where families fleeing violence in their home countries are experiencing an acute politically-created humanitarian crisis. People are struggling to survive in crowded encampments where food, water, access to sanitation, and security are in short supply. Click here to learn more and apply.

Thank you for your commitment to peace.

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