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The rejection of the Iran Nuclear Agreement by the President of the United States is a tragedy of monumental proportions, most immediately for the people of Iran, who will endure the horrendous consequences of sanctions.

Linked is a statement that we hope Catholic leaders and Catholic organizations/communities around the world will sign to express our deep concern that this action will create even more tension in the Middle East and undermine delicate negotiations with North Korea.  

Three years ago, many of us in the Catholic community actively supported the agreement as an important diplomatic accomplishment, a critical step away from nuclear proliferation and toward nuclear disarmament.

In this letter we strongly support efforts of the remaining signatories – Iran, China, France, Germany, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the EU – to honor and implement the Iran nuclear deal. We urge U.S. Members of Congress to use their powers and influence to return the U.S. to the multilateral agreement. And we encourage the nations of the world to sign and ratify the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW).

Please consider joining this effort as an individual Catholic leader or as an organization. Click here to add your or your organization’s endorsement  (rather than responding to this message) to help facilitate this process. The deadline for signatures is 5:00 pm EDT on Thursday, May 31.

Feel free to share this invitation. Thank you!

In peace,

Marie Dennis                             Greet Vanaerschot
Co-President                              Secretary General
Pax Christi International     Pax Christi International

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