The Poor People’s Campaign began this week and is taking place through June 23 in Washington DC and across the nation to demand a national moral revival and that attention be given to grave injustices affecting people who have been forced into poverty. These injustices are outlined in the campaign’s document titled, “A Moral Agenda Based on Fundamental Human Rights” and include the war economy and militarism, systemic racism, ecological devastation, and poverty and inequality.

Here’s how we hope you will join us in this effort:

Richard Rohr in DC

On Monday, May 21 we are participating with fellow Catholics at the US Capitol by attending Fr. Richard Rohr’s “Contemplative Sit for Justice” at 8am. RSVP with the event organizers at Transform Network for more details and the location. We invite you to attend or participate via livestream.

State/Local Events

Find your local event or email the Poor People’s Campaign coordinating state committee (below). Send us your pictures of your local event to


Weekly Themes

Week1: (May 13-19): Women, Children and People with Disabilities in Poverty

Week2: (May 20-26): Systemic Racism, Voter Suppression, and Anti-Immigrant Policies

Week3: (May 27-June2): Veterans, Militarism and the War Economy

Week4: (June 3-9): Ecological Devastation and the Right to Healthcare

Week5: (June 10-16): Fair Wages, Good Jobs, Right to Organize

Week6: (June 17-23): A Moral Fusion Movement Coming Together

Download and Print Banner

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4 thoughts on “Participate in the Poor People’s Campaign

  1. In the Catholic Liturgical calendar there is a marvelous god-incidence in all this; not just coincidence! It is not just coincidence that we celebrate the ancient and only biblical “novena” to the Holy Spirit this week. Then note the liturgical thematics of each day and saint to be celebrated; especially next Sunday after Pentecost is the radical dynamism of triune life that is so all-inclusive! Then that is followed by the solemnity of Corpus Christi. These are wonderful thematically to accompany the days that you have laid out as days for liberating us from the principalities and powers of darkness, so that we can sit together in the reign of Light breaking in upon us!

  2. Thanks for posting this good resource. The Poor People’s Campaign is what our country needs, now!

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