God said, “You too were once strangers. Don’t forget where you came from” (paraphrase of Exodus 22:21). Unfortunately, it is obvious from the recent and cruel disassembling of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, also known as DACA, that the United States has forgotten where it came from. The blatant disregard of the human and civil rights of students, workers, and taxpayers is astounding and a tragic indictment of basic respect and integrity, especially when many citizens of this country were once strangers and immigrants too.

PCUSA is committed to supporting DACA recipients and their families. We speak loudly and forcefully against the political tide of disrespect and continue to join with others until the DREAM Act becomes law. We pray that our government will not continue to break apart families, interrupt livelihoods, and take people from their homes. We need immigration policies that promote human flourishing, not suffering.

Picture from the DACA prayer vigil outside the White House, 9-1-17

8 thoughts on “Statement: Disassembling DACA a Blatant Disregard of Human & Civil Rights

  1. Please encourage US Bishops to call national news conference and speak to this issue loud and clear. Making announcements in dioceses is not enough. It must be on a level the entire country can hear and that requires a national news conference.

  2. The Catholic Church must speak out. Jesus calls us to be hospitable and compassionate. I see neither of these in the current administration.

  3. Carol Wilson’s idea of the Bishops holding a national news conference is a great idea! They could also ask for parishes to rally at federal government buildings or in smaller towns at any government building; let’s have a day for public prayer all over the country.

  4. Catholique Church have deceive the Congolese and to day we don’t know how to open fighting to have leaders who are able to help in these crises.

    Where is their voice to speak out for us ?
    Goma, DRC

  5. I support the Bishop’s having a news conference in the public arena. This is much too important a topic to be confined to Catholic news outlets.

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